My fist blowjob

V Dave had notice that my pants in my croach area had started to rise. I was starting to get a boner. He ask if i would mind showing him. I had never really been with another girl or anyone and i was high so i figured why not.. So i unzipped my pants and slid out my prick. Im 16 and i have a pretty big cock about 8 inches and pretty damn thick. When it was all the way out he just looked at it and said "damn dude thats huge" i reply "really?" he says "yeah". He than without asking he places his fingers around my cock. "ahhh that feels good" i said when he was touching it. he started to laugh. As he was stroking my big fat cock up and down i said "Dave can i see your's?" "Sure Adam" so i started to unzip his pants and started to search for his cock "ahh there it is'' i pulled it out and looked at it "wow u have a pretty big one too" i replied. I started to stroke it up and down with pleasure. After a few minutes have gone by dave ask "Adam ive gave a guy a blowjob before, and i really want go suck yours right now" i was a little shocked but replied "o really?" he said "yeah, my sister isnt home do you want to go up strairs and bloweachother?'' i was nervous and said '' nah maybe some other time" He quickly said "are you sure it will be fun" i said "yeah, but maybe someother time like tomorrow nite" he got a big smile on his face.So the next day comes and i go down to dave's house for the nite. We smoke a few blunts and than just chilled for a little. He was watching t.v and i was on the bed out of his site. I say "hey dave wanna do what we did last night and maybe a little more?" he goes "yeah sure ive been waiting" we both laugh and looked at each other. We both striped down naked and sat on the bed and btw we both already had full hard boners. I got down on my knees and took his dick in my hand and said "your not ganna tell anyone right? this is just for fun and w.e" "yeah dude i wont tell anyone" and i started to stroke it genlty up and down. "ahh you like that?" "yeah" dave replies. I stroked his big juicy cock for about a 4 minutes and than took a deep breath and took his cock all the way down my thraot" i started to gag as it slid down my throat. a quickgasp i hear comeing from dave. I than stoped and ask if he wanted a turn. he nearly jumped off the bed with excitment "yeah i do" he got down on his knees and started to stoke my cock. After he was done he laied down on the bed and i got at the end of the bed and laid down on top of him. I took his cock in my hand one more time and then lowered my head and slid his nice cock into my mouth. "ahhhhhh" as dave closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I started to suck his cock harder and harder never knowing how much fun this would be. I gathered all the saliva i could to make it nice and messy. With much excitment i took a deep breath and grab the side of his hips and brong my head down as far as i could. Feeling his cock inside my mouth and sliding down my throat felt so great. I keeped his cock down there for a few seconds and started to bring it up and than back down for a few minutes. After i was done i lied back on the bed and and i asked if he wantd to continue"yeah, sure". "ok sweet" so i laid down while he got on his knees and slid my prick back into his mouth. This time he he took me in all the way pretty fast. He took my balls in his hands and started to play with them. He than went down and sucked on my balls "ahh yes keep on doing that" he continued sucking on my balls and than he went back and stuck my hard cock in his mough. He started to suck it really hard, than harder and harder "ahh yes david dont stop keeping sucking my COCK""IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING!!!" david quickly slide my cock all the way in the back of my throat and held it there "AHHH YES Im CUMMMMING" "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as i closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He took my whole load in at once i was shocked. Since he took it all i figured i had to return the favor. When i went to finish him off he said he wanted to try something else so i said "ok" he said here lay down on the bed and im ganna put my cock in your mouth and im ganna put mine is yours "i guess it was called 69 or something i really didnt know at the time" so we started sucking eachother off. he slowly started to fuck my mouth. Sliding his cock up and down faster and faster than when he shoved it all the way down i relized that he must be ready to come so i pushed my head up as far as i could "feeling the cock sliding down my throat felt so good'' and about 2 seconds i felt a hot steamy liquid squirt right down my throat. I took as much as i could of it in and someone came out. So after he got off me i took his cock and blew him 1 more time to clean up all of the cum.. As we started to put our cloths on and i walked out the door david said" Adam come over tomorrow nite and my girlfriend is comeing over maybe we can do someshit" "really? with your girlfriend? she knows you do this shit?" "yeah, well we did it with one other dude but that was a while ago i dont think she would care if we did it again" "haha yea dude sweet ill be over tomorrow nite" "ight dude peace" "peace"
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